Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back to Monogamy

I guess I'm just in a festive mood, lately, what with the video, and now a wedding!

I decided to do away with the rather unusual arrangement Val had with seven husbands, and let her have just one man like simerica law requires. Early on, despite being married to Justin, Val showed a strong attraction to fellow Pleasure-Seeker Scott Broke-Bayfield. I took away all marriage flags, got Scott and Val engaged, and threw them a wedding. I'm reaaaaaaaaally glad it's over. It's hard playing a lot with that many sims on it!

The bride:

The groom:

The church is Emma's, from Illusions of Grandeur. I redecorated it, because I wanted a Christmassy wedding.

Pre-guests. Herb Oldie officiates.

Overhead shot with guests

The exchange of rings:

Kiss the bride


Josh, father of the groom, toasts first.

I love this pic!

Clink clink, kiss the bride, yada yada

Shep, brother of the groom, toasts second. Scott holds the invisible champagne flute.

And a hush falls over the crowd as they try to figure out who will do the next toast:

A little squeeze from the hubby.